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Add your contact info on the image before you post on social media

Add your contact info on the image before you post on social media

Add your contact info on the image before you post on social media

Add your contact info on the image before you post on social media

Add your contact info on the image before you post on social media

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👉$21per/hr × 40 hrs= $840 
👉$840 × 4 = $3,360 per/ mo
👉$840 × 50wks = $42,000 per/yr

Taxed @ 25% Fed tax -$10,080
Taxed @ 7% State tax -$2,822.40
Taxed @ 6.2% SS tax -$2,499.84
Taxed @ 1.45% Medicaid tax -$584.64

$42,000 - $15,986.88 = $26,013.12

Do you still think $21 per/ hr is a lot of money?

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Better Financial Strategies are needed by everyone. No matter your profession. Everyone deserves to be financially free.

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📖 9 LIFE CHANGING Financial Tips Everyone should know before 30:

(1) Business Owners make the most money in the long run 💰
(2) Just because someone makes a lot of money doesn’t mean they KEEP a lot of money 🤔
(3) Inheritance Matters 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
(4) People who don’t track their spending often end up in financial strain 💆🏼‍♂️
(5) Having a good credit score is invaluable ✍🏾
(6) Investing is critical 🔥
(7) Debt can make/break you 👉
(8) Understand how to track your Networth 👑

*Some of these were highlighted in an article I read earlier and of course, we added a few from personal experience.*

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The Wealth Gap in America

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Equifax 😡, Experian 😡, and TransUnion  😡 are all under fire for reporting inaccuracies & obsolete information!

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